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Team LucidLink
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Install LucidLink client systemd service to survive system reboot, re-activate and automatically mount filespace in the preferred system location, running as root and allowing all users to access the filespace.

Pre-requisite: Download install LucidLink OS client for Linux

wget -O lucidinstaller.deb
sudo apt update -y
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install ./lucidinstaller.deb -y

Components: (script to install systemd service based on template)

LucidLink.service.config (lucidlink filespace daemon service template)


wget -O
wget -O LucidLink.service.config
chmod +x
sudo ./ <filespace.domain> <filespace-user> <filespace-password> <mountpoint>


sudo ./ filespace.lucidlink root 12345 /mnt/Lucid
Installs LucidLink.service within /etc/systemd/system
Passwords with special characters will require strong quoting ' '

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