Use Genetec Security Center with LucidLink

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LucidLink can be used to send recordings from Genetec Security Center directly to object storage. This is useful as Genetec cannot directly record and stream video data on-demand to and from object storage. 

LucidLink is a distributed streaming filesystem for object storage that allows true read and write access to object storage as if it were a local disk. LucidLink integrates with the host operating system as a file system mount point.

To use LucidLink with Genetec Security Center, if you don't already have a LucidLink Filespace, you can create and initialize one. Your LucidLink Filespace is directly associated with an object storage bucket. This can be any S3-compatible object storage or Azure Blob.

Genetec Security Center runs on Windows, and you need to download the LucidLink Client on the same machine where it is running.

Once you connect to your LucidLink Filespace it will appear as a folder in Windows Explorer. To make this show up as a drive letter instead, you can run lucid unmount and lucid mount <driveletter>: from the command line.



You can then change the archive storage location to be the LucidLink drive in the Genetec Config Tool.



The LucidLink Filespaces distributed filesystem splits data and metadata layers, using a unique data layout with a specific block size. Review LucidLink Filespaces - Cloud-Native File Service Architecture Overview for more details.


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