Release notes for build #3358, release November 12, 2021

  • Updated

Build 1.27.3358



Experimental Metadata Streaming Support


  • This update allows you to create new Filespaces with Metadata Streaming Beta support.

  • New users are now able to instantly browse Filespaces of any size.

  • Snapshots of any size are mounted and accessible instantaneously.

  • This update is fully compatible with all existing Filespaces.

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Other improvements:


  • [Windows] Full Windows 11 support.

  • Improved Lucid recovery logic after an ungraceful system shutdown.


Bug fixes:


  • [critical, macOS] Fixed a bug where the Lucid Finder extension could use extra system resources even when idle.

  • Fixed a bug where in rare cases connecting to a Filespace or initializing a Filespace could lead to Lucid App freezing.

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