Release notes for build #3486, release January 22, 2022

  • Updated

Build 1.29.3486




Experimental Metadata Streaming Support update:


  • Significant metadata streaming performance improvements.

  • Bug fixes and stabilization improvements.

  • Crash resiliency improvements.

  • Finalized snapshot implementation with metadata streaming support.

  • Improvements with Lucid’s shell extension (Windows File Explorer).


This update will not allow you to login to existing experimental metadata streaming Filespaces. Contact support if you need access after the update.


Other improvements:


  • No delay while listing single folders with 100k+ files - performance improvements.

  • [Windows] Added support for Windows Server 2022.

  • [macOS] Updated file system driver to version 4.2.4 - improved support for macOS 12.


Bug fixes:


  • Fixed a bug where in rare occasions the snapshot folders in the File Explorer are out-of-sync.


This update is fully compatible with all existing production Filespaces.

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