Release notes for build #3633, release April 04, 2022

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Build 2.0.3633


LucidLink Filespaces 2.0 is now available for production workloads!



Other improvements:


  • Newly created Filespaces will have FileSystem.ForbidSpecialCharacters enabled by default to ensure cross-platform (Linux, macOS, Windows) compatibility. Existing Filespaces are not affected.


Bug fixes:

  • [macOS] Fixed a bug where Lucid could crash during unmount.

  • [Windows] Fixed a bug, which could lead to rare performance issues.

  • [Windows] Fixed a regression where, after a system boot, the LucidApp welcome window would not appear whenever “remember password” is set.

  • Fixed a bug where NTFS permissions with lots of access control entries on Windows, and very long extended attributes on Linux and macOS, were not correctly persisted.

  • Fixed several bugs where Lucid could hang or crash during Lucid exit.

  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to mount snapshots through the Lucid dashboard menu.

  • Fixed a bug where Lucid could in rare occasions fail to unmount snapshots.

  • Fixed a bug where paths were logged in Lucid.log when pinning files and folders.

  • Fixed a bug where the FileSystem.ForbidSpecialCharacters config would not forbid a trailing space character as part of a file or folder name. Windows would not allow this which could lead to inability to open files.


This update is fully compatible with all existing production Filespaces.

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