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The LucidLink Filespace rename feature allows customers to rename their Filespace without necessitating a lengthy migration of all their user data. 

This process is initiated from within the customer’s LucidLink web portal by the account owner, and is executed only after the account owner enters a unique code provided via an email verification.


Before you start

Although renaming a Filespace is simple and easy to do, LucidLink recommends that this process is initiated by a team administrator or IT professional.

This Knowledge Base article will provide a few simple guidelines to consider and to share with your team or organization before kick-starting this process.

  • All Filespace users should save their active work, close any applications that are using the Filespace, and disconnect their Filespace from any connected device prior to beginning the renaming process. During the renaming process, the Filespace will be completely inaccessible.
  • The renaming process could take as little as a few minutes to complete, though the overall process time is predicated on the size of the Filespace, and in particular, on the number of files present in the Filespace. Larger Filespaces will indeed require more time, and may take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • If you have previously saved your user credentials within the LucidLink client, you will need to re-enter your user name and password after the renaming is complete. 
  • If certain workflows or creative tools use the entire length of the file path (as opposed to a Filespace share which often represents a shortened data path), renaming the Filespace will likely require a manual reconnect to the customer’s data. This is a process done from within the creative tools themselves and not from within LucidLink.


How-to Guide


To rename your LucidLink Filespace, please follow these steps:

1. Begin by logging into your LucidLink customer web portal. The portal can be accessed from the home page and by clicking on “Sign in” (found in the top right corner) or by going directly to the customer portal at



2. Upon successful login to the web portal, you should see all of your Filespaces associated with your LucidLink domain:



3. For the specific Filespace you intend to rename, click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the Filespace card, and choose “Rename.”



4. Upon choosing “Rename,” a modal window will appear with a summary of three key guidelines to consider prior to renaming your Filespace. Have a quick read, and then select the check box next to “I acknowledge and understand these notes above.” Then, click “Next”.



5. Clicking “Next” will take you to the Filespace rename page, where you can delete the existing name and type in a new name. Note that the “Rename” button will not be available until you satisfy all four requirements of the Filespace naming convention, noted just underneath the Filespace name field. When you see 4 green check marks, the “Rename” button becomes available and you’re ready to go. Click “Rename” when ready. 


6. After clicking “Rename,” check your email. The email address used to originally create the Lucid account should have received a “Rename Verification Code” email, containing the verification code. Enter this code into the Verification modal window found within the web portal, and click “Confirm.”


7. Upon clicking “Confirm,” the web portal will return to the main window showing all of your Filespaces found within your domain. The renamed Filespace card will show that the renaming process is in progress. The process could take a few minutes. Some larger Filespaces could take up to 30 minutes. Ensure that your team knows that the Filespace cannot be reconnected until this rename process completes successfully.



8. Congratulations! Once complete, the Filespace card will show the new name. At this time, your team can reconnect the Filespace using the new name.




If you still have questions about the Filespace rename feature, please reach out to:

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