Release notes for build #3888, release August 18, 2022

  • Updated
Build 2.0.3888
  • A new admin role gives organizations the ability to have multiple Filespace administrators without needing to share the root user's credentials.
  • Improved file locking performance and stability.
  • “lucid lock” CLI command now returns OS specific paths.
  • Multiple user interface improvements and fixes within the Lucid client.
Command line changes:
  • Added “--add-role” and “–remove-role” options to the “lucid user” command.
  • Added roles column to the “lucid user” command output.
  • Added “--configured” and “–effective” options to the “lucid share” command.
  • “lucid share” command lists administrators as having “full” permissions.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a bug where in some very rare cases the metadata synchronization cannot progress.

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