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Viewing DICOM (Medical imaging) files

Here is a use case we heard from a friend of ours. The issue was that she had to download large files to her laptop and take them home to view them at a later time. Not only was it painful to wait for them to download, but she was extremely stressed out about the consequences if her laptop was stolen with the data on it. (Losing patient data in that way could be terms for losing her medical license!)

She asked me about the possibility of accessing the securely stored files using a local reader on her device at home. We tested out how "snappy" imaging files would be streaming them out of Lucid to a home environment, and to do this we used another friend's spine MRI and a free DiCOM reader called RadiAnt

The results? Really encouraging!

  1. "time to file" nearly instant, vs downloading 400MB file to take it home.
  2. Data security - if laptop was stolen, there would be no residual data on it.
  3. User experience - see for yourself in the video below!

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