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Local Plex server using S3 bucket as library

We are still throwing different work loads at LucidLink to see how things react to it, and here is one that is more of a personal project for me is to see whether I would be able to put my video and music library into the cloud, but use my local Plex server to access it. This would ultimately allow me to retire my NAS and still make use of the machines in my home (I have my gaming rig doing double duty as a Plex server).

If you haven looked into Plex yet, do yourself a favor and do so - far and away the best media server and library management system I've used and they continue to innovate at a furious pace.

  • The demo below starts after I used LucidLink to create a new cloud/bucket I named "Plex" and added a couple seasons of BBC's Doc Martin into it. 
  • Next I joined the Plex cloud with my PC which was running Plex Server.
  • Added a library, choosing the Lucid folder which is the window into my S3 bucket. At this point NONE OF THE FILE IS LOCAL (except for metadata).
  • As I played the file, it gets streamed on demand, as LucidLink prefetches and caches the file as it is being requested. 
  • When we unlink from the cloud Plex, the data is no longer on the machine.


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