Release notes for build #1238, release April 06, 2018

**NOT compatible with previous**

### Features

-   Make the `lucid init-s3` command more flexible, with support for provider, region, endpoint and non-virtual-addressing

-   Collect billable statistics, like stored data and request counts

-   Integrate the file system's name in the S3 bucket

-   Metadata changes are synchronised with other clients when the data is written to S3, instead of when it enters the local cache.

-   Large writes get separate metadata updates per written block

-   Prefetching also works at directory level and has improved performance

-   Track S3 connectivity and stop local IOs when disconnected

-   Use SSL for metadata synchronization

-   Update of cbfs file system driver on Windows

-   Garbage collection of metadata deletion records on the Hub

-   The metadata is now encrypted

-   Ability to generate backups of the file system's metadata on the Hub

-   Update of S3 SDK to latest version

-   Integrate S3 SDK logging in lucid logs

### Bug fixes

-   Various nifty bug fixes and optimisations in the metadata representation and its synchronization

-   Various fixes in the Desktop UI

-   Fix a bug in the retry-on-error logic for S3 calls

-   Fix partial path conflict resolution

-   Fix 32-bit build for large files (> 4GB)

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