Release notes for build #1289, release May 09, 2018

### Features

-   Enable Apple Double files to provide support for SOX extended attributes

-   Add congestion control for cache backend writes

-   Add support for sandbox initialization in the LucidApp

-   Refactor and stabilize the full-sync scenario of lucid metadata

-   Add performance metrics and custom retry logic for Object Store operations

-   Add --rest-endpoint command line option in LucidHub

-   LucidApp can be used to initialize a file system and handle init links opened from a web browser

-   Archive and reset client metadata on system crash and inability to recover

-   Stable script that generates Hub metadata backups

-   Additional logs in edge cases for better debug-ability.

-   Reduced verbosity of S3 AWS logger

### Bug fixes

-   Fix metadata corruption on file truncation at block boundary

-   Improved behavior on connectivity losses

-   Multiple UX fixes in the LucidApp

-   Fix issues in metadata GC

-   Fix metadata corruption due to out-of-order cache backend writes

-   Fix error handling in OnAccept in TcpTransport

-   Fix synchronization issues in the Restful Service on Lucid process termination

-   Fix issue in html encoding of URLs

-   Fix a bug in picking of garbage entries in data GC

-   Again, various nifty bug fixes and optimizations in the metadata representation and its synchronization

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