Release notes for build #1300, release May 15, 2018

### Features

-   File spaces can be created in folders within buckets

-   Lucid stays life and supports cache-backed operations when S3 is down

-   Improved logging for object store connectivity issues

-   UI dashboard is always on top

-   Changed hub metadata GC default parameters: retention period 5 days, markers

   created one per day.

-   LucidHub can be deployed as docker container

### Bug fixes

-   Fix slow metadata load on connection of new clients to a file space

-   Fix fuse unmount on OSX sleep

-   Fixed certificate generation for file systems with long names

-   Fixed readable strings in the UI

-   Removed 'Beta' from Lucid version.

-   Fixed issue in link handling in the init-fs workflow

-   The prefetcher's state is reset on disable/enable

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