Release notes for build #1309, release May 18, 2018

Release candidate:


### Features

-   The AWS SDK logger is integrated in the LucidHub

-   Improved the speed of file system initialization (from 20 to 1 seconds)

-   Desktop UI has a "Stay connected" option now

-   Dots are now allowed in the bucketnames

   (the autogenerated bucket names are without the "lucid-" prefix now)

### Bug fixes

-   Fix bug in the cache flush mechanism, which made it stop and never finish

   flushing the dirty data

-   Add curl to the deployed LucidHub (in docker) to make the GC work again

-   Make the lucid shell script executable again (on Linux)

-   Fix creation time on OSX - was reported as 01.01.1970

-   Fix metadata leak when deleting a file, which is not yet synced to S3 -

   resulted in wrong overall file space size

-   Increase the max length for filenames in Windows from 260 to 1025

   (although it's not recommended to use long filenames in Windows)

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