Release notes for build #1406, release July 31, 2018

Build 1.12.1406


*### Features*

-   Mount Lucid file system in `~/Lucid/<fs-name>`, not in `~Lucid`. If `~/Lucid/<fs-name>` already exists and is not empty, it will be renamed in order to create an empty folder for the mount point

-   The auto-generated bucket name during the initialization step no longer contains а dot

-   Support for extended attributes for MacOS and Linux: for example, that would enable file tagging in MacOS. All "" attributes are shared across all MacOS Lucid clients. All "user." attributes are shared among all Linux Lucid clients. The rest are global - shared across all Lucid clients,  independently from the host operating system

-   Linking to a file system automatically unlinks the Lucid client from an already linked but deactivated file system

-   Introduce --fuse-allow-other mount option for Unix file systems: this allows different users to access the Lucid mountpoint on MacOS and Linux

*### Bug fixes*

-   TCP connections leak (no operation impact)

-   A corner case in the metadata synchronization process, which caused the syncing process to stop permanently (scheduling logic now uses steady_clock)

-   On extremely busy file systems, the clients used to perform endless one-way metadata syncing (receiving metadata updates, but not sending ones)

-   Performance optimization in the metadata syncing process: avoid unnecessary metadata full sync

-   Change deprecated IP geolocation library, used for the distance calculation to the object store endpoint (affects the UI only)

-   Improve support for slow connections by adjusting timeouts (avoids unnecessary and unexpected Lucid unmount/exit)

-   A minor glitch in the backend writes

-   Improve support for big files: with the default initialization (block size 256KiB), the max size for a file is now 512TiB

-   Potential issue with the cache scheduling logic, caused by `cache --off` and subsequent `cache --on` (affects mainly 32bit Linux)

-   Explicitly check if the OSXFuse extension is blocked and if so, show a dialog with clear instructions how to unblock it

-   Multiple fixes, that caused application crash on exit/disconnect

-   Improve errors logging

-   Missing tray icon on newer Linux distributions

-   Multiple UI issues

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