Release notes for build #1570, release November 21, 2018

Build 1.12.1570 



New log level Notice, used for informational messages with higher priority.

App no longer shows "You are connected" screen when "Stay connected" is checked.

OSX: App no longer adds icon in the dock.

The write-back cache can now flush requested files with priority (no UI integration).

Metadata backup no longer pre-allocates the backup file and the success/fail files are now in the backup directory, instead of the Lucid's root directory.

Metadata backup script improvements:

-New logging system:


--log levels;

--persistence of the periodic run in ~/.lucidhub_backup/<fs-name>/backup.log;

--log rotation: 10 files, 10 MiB each.

-Increased backup request timeout;

-Improved behavior on request timeout;

-Additional improvements.

Lucid and third-party libs rebuilt with VS 2017 15.8 on Windows.

Reserve 10% of the block cache for reads only.

Bug fixes:

Lucid client issue during full sync - use smaller LMDB transactions to prevent MDB_TNX_FULL.

Windows: Remove flickering of the Lucid console on startup.

Running clients connected to hub will now reconnect automatically without restart if the hub host address changes.

Stop flooding the logs with useless exceptions on network connection loss.

The cache now uses unbuffered I/O to access the cache file. This improves performance and prevents potential data-loss in the edge case when the Lucid client is terminated abruptly just after a small piece of data (less than 4KiB) was written.

Crash on stop - a timing issue in the destructor of the actor system.

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