Release notes for build #1666, release January 18, 2019

Build 1.12.1666 



[windows] New desktop client installer

[all] Split read cache from write cache quota

[all] LucidLink App will no longer suggest an upgrade if Hub is running older version (on-prem setups)

[all] Cue the prefetcher/cache when the congestion control windows changes to adjust their parallelism

[all] Add retry logic for all Get requests to address inconsistencies among Cloud providers

Bug Fixes and performance improvements:

[windows] Fix an issue where the Lucid folder was not registered in the Windows Defender exclusion list

[all] Fix an issue where the client might stop uploading data to the cloud with dirty data in the cache.

[all] LucidLink Client no longer “blindly” trusts IP endpoint to detect the correct Hub

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