Release notes for build #1774, release March 21, 2019

Build 1.15.1774 


Access Control Support:

- Access control support of the entire Filespace. Available for newly created Filespaces only. Should initialize new Filespaces using the 1.15.1774 LucidLink Client.

- Instantly share folders with read or read & write permissions. Nested shares supported.

- Access control support is included in the base pricing.

New Terms:

- Root user - root user is automatically created for all existing Filespaces. What was known as shared secret is renamed to password and can be used to login to existing Filespaces

- Normal user - you can now create any number of non-root users per Filespace.  Case insensitive, case preserving, up to 128 chars. 

- Share - A share represents a folder that has been shared with a specific user. Multiple shares can be assigned to the same user. Multiple users can be assigned the same share.

Client Enhancements:

CLI new commands:

- `lucid help user` and `lucid help share` for managing users and shares.

CLI modified commands:

- `lucid link` now supports "--user" option to allow users to link to a Filespace. Defaults to root user for backward compatibility with existing Filespaces.

- `lucid status` now shows linked "User"

- `lucid status` now shows Filespace version:

      - v.1 - old FS - does not support access control

      - v.2 - new FS - does support access control

- `lucid daemon` now supports `lucid link` options to ease starting of LucidLink with a single command (e.g. lucid daemon --fs myfs.mydomain --user root --mount-point /my/mountpoint )

- `lucid activate` now supports "--user" option. Defaults to root user.

- `lucid init-s3` only available to the root user.

- `lucid rekey-s3` only available to the root user.

- `lucid snapshot` - "--create" and "--delete" options only available to the root user.

- `lucid snapshot` - "--list" option available for all users.

User interface enhancements:

- [Login screen] -  now requires Filespace, Username and Password to link to a Filespace. Username defaults to root user. 

- [Login screen] - "Shared secret" renamed to "Password".

- [Access control management panel] - New panel now available for users management and shares management through the user interface.

Bug Fixes:

- [CentOS] - Fixed missing UI app indicator.

- [Windows] LucidLink Client dashboard may be clipped when Windows taskbar is vertical.

- Fixed a race condition where creating a snapshot for a Filespace that is under heavy write load can lead to a corruption in the snapshotted version.

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