Release notes for build #1795, release April 8, 2019

Build 1.15.1795


Running Lucid as a Windows service:

- It is now possible to setup Lucid to run as a Windows Service in the background for a filespace of user's choice.

- Can run one service per host.

- Other services can be setup to depend on Lucid - automatic linking to a filespace is not guaranteed if Internet connection is not available.

- Can start/stop Lucid through Windows Service Manager.

- No Lucid UI support available. See `lucid help service` for more information. Run as Administrator.

- Running Lucid as a Windows service is included in the base pricing.

Client Enhancements:

CLI modified commands:

- `lucid status` now shows "Daemon mode":

    application - Lucid running as application with UI support.

    service - Lucid running as a service only. No UI support.

User interface enhancements:

- Added "About Lucid" menu.

- Added "Change password" screen.

- Added indicator of the currently logged in user.

- [Manage users and shares panel] Improved UI to accommodate larger inputs fields for share creation.

Bug Fixes:

- [Linux] Fixed a bug where reading a folder with many files content on Linux could be significantly slowed down.

- [Linux] Fixed a problem with supporting default groups for chown/chmod commands.

- [macOS] Fixed a problem with extracting of archives in Lucid mount folder.

- [Windows] Removed leftover startup registry from old NSIS installer.

- Removed redundant logs on user creation.

- [Manage users and shares panel] Typing in the "Share path" field hides the suggested paths, but they are still clickable.

- [Login screen] Not passing password in the login screen does not show proper error.

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