Release notes for build #1848, release May 16, 2019

Build 1.15.1848


*Performance and reliability improvements:*

- Improved service reliability in case of a DNS change.
- Improved performance of the data prefetching.
- Improved consistency guarantees in the local cache when errors occur.
- Added CLI option to activate single snapshot. See `lucid help activate` and `lucid help link` for more.
- Added more verifications during filespace initialization to ensure that the provided objectstore credentials have all necessary access rights.

*Bug fixes:*

- Fixed data cache issues when viewing snapshots.
- Fixed some links in LucidApp that lead to the website.
- Fixed a rare crash on unlink that degrades user experience.
- Fixed a bug that does not allow to create a snapshot without a name.
- Renamed all "file space" strings to "filespace". Might affect any automation that depends on parsing Lucid CLI output.
- [macOS] Fixed of a mounting failure on fresh macOS installation (before system reboot).

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