Release notes for build #1944, release July 31, 2019

Build 1.18.1944 


New filespace configuration module:

- Flexibility and extra granularity when configuring filespaces.
- Available for Windows, macOS, Linux.
- CLI support - see `lucid help config` for more.
- Support for local or global scope for the configuration settings. Modifying a setting with local scope will affect only the client on which the setting was modified. Global scope will affect all clients connected to this filespace - it requires root password and is ideal for setting of company wide policies on a filespace.
- Currently supported configuration settings - parallel upload & download connections to the cloud storage, cache size, file extensions that support 'on open' file locking. For more options run `lucid config --explain`.
- Removed `lucid cache --on --size` option - this is now configurable through `lucid config`.

Client enhancements:

- [Windows][Beta] Partial support for distributed file locking, upon file opening with a specified shared mode

Bug fixes:

- Improved Lucid resilience with network connectivity problems

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