Release notes for build #1988, release September 4, 2019

Build 1.19.1988


Support for Windows file attributes:
    - Hidden, Read-only, Archive and System attributes are now supported

Bug fixes:

    - [macOS] In rare cases Lucid upgrade may fail
    - [macOS] Fixed an issue accessing LucidLink-based windows share from macOS
    - [macOS] Fixed a bug where Administrator login prompt appears for read-only Lucid shares
    - [Windows] Fixed Windows version detection
    - [Windows] Fixed On open file locking not working when Lucid mounted as a drive letter
    - [Windows 7] Fixed a bug where Lucid crashes when trying to mount wrong path
    - Fixed mounting bug when relative path provided
    - Fixed a bug where clicking "Manager Users" in UI dashboard will not focus on already opened dialog screen
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