Release notes for build #2104, release November 4, 2019

Build 1.20.2104 



- [Windows] New LucidFS driver.
- [Windows] Lucid App no longer automatically starts on Windows boot, unless installed as a service or option "Stay connected" is used.
- [Windows,Linux] Up to 10x read/write throughput improvement.
- [Linux] Upgraded to fuse3, utilized by latest Linux kernels.
- New `lucid help config` options available for Compressor and CryptoStore.
- "lucid config --DataCache.Size" and "lucid init-s3 --block-size" now support human readable input/output. See CLI man pages for list of supported unit suffixes.

Bug fixes:

- [Windows] Fixed a bug where Lucid installed as a service does not automatically restart and recover if cache is corrupted.
- [Windows] Fixed a bug where unpatched Windows, missing SSL libraries, might force itself to reboot while trying to link to a filespace. Lucid will no longer install if missing required Windows patches.
- Fixed a bug where Lucid may crash during exit under heavy load.
- Fixed a bug where  "lucid config --explain" will not work if KEY option passed.
- [macOS] Fixed a bug where Lucid is registered multiple times in User&Groups -> Login items.
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