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Moving / Copying Downloaded Cache

Hi all, 

I need to replicate a large (~3TB) downloaded Cache to multiple computers (each with their own Lucid user account on the same files space) in MacOS. 

My understanding is that there is no 'LAN sync' ala Dropbox. 

Can I just copy the 'empty looking' cache folder to the different machines? 

Downloading the same files 3x times will cause issues with my ISP ""unlimited"" bandwidth. 

Thanks for your help


Are you trying to pre-seed the local caches, or are you trying to actively keep them up-to-date?

Come to think of it, that sounds like an interesting experiment, use something like SyncThing or AFS to keep a distributed cache running on local nodes.

I know that it's possible to reuse a cache with the same user, as it's survived a host rebuild before.

I'm trying to pre-seed, support got back to me saying this is basically impossible :/

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