1. If you don't have an account. You can register for our service by selecting Create an account.

2. Provide a valid Email address, supply your preferred Password, Company name, Phone number and select 'create an account'.

3. Check your email, we've sent you a six-digit confirmation code. Enter your code to confirm your account.

3. Sign-in 

4. Create your Domain. Your Domain will be the suffix amended to all your Filespaces in the format of filespace.domain to connect to your Filespace

5. Welcome to LucidLink! you are now ready to Create your 1st Filespace

6. You can create either "Basic Filespace", "Team Filespace", "Enterprise Filespace" or "Custom Filespace". We will proceed with "Custom Filespace" to bring our own storage provider.

7. Choose a Filespace name and select Next.

8. Please select your cloud storage provider (as a guide we will continue with Amazon Web Services).

9. Choose a storage region and select Next.

Note that you can select 'configure advanced settings' to specify the object storage bucket name or container, and change the filespace block size.

10. Review and confirm your selections; update any individual setting as necessary and select "Create" to proceed.

11. While we are busy creating your Filespace, please download your operating system clients from the "Download client" button in the lower left hand corner or visit https://lucidlink.com/download

12. Congratulations! You have successfully created your Filespace. Now would be a perfect opportunity to Complete your profile and establish your payment method.
Your next step is to Initialize your Filespace.