To install our Windows client, it is recommended you download the latest version. We would also advise you review our system requirements as operating system and infrastructure prerequisites are updated regularly.

1. Locate your installation download and double click to initiate installation.

2. Once the LucidLink client installation wizard appears. Please agree to our license terms and conditions to continue with your installation.

3. Follow the guided installation wizard to complete your installation. 

4. That's it! you have successfully installed the LucidLink client; select 'OK' - in the unusual event of any errors, please review the installation summary and consult our knowledge base articles, forum and/or create a support ticket

5.  LucidLink Windows client will be available from the Start Menu, Lucid folder however will launch automatically, please provide a valid Filespace name including your Domain, username (default root) and password and select 'Connect' to begin.

6. Your file space becomes immediately accessible as a Quick access link and from the root level of user's profile directory as a Lucid folder. 

7. An advanced file space dashboard is available by clicking on the LucidLink logo from within the taskbar. You will find a range of useful metrics, such as, distance, latency and upload information. Here you can also access your snapshots and administer your users and shares.