LucidLink Filespaces show up for user and application convenience as mount-point within the respective user profile or home folders under a "Lucid" sub folder - represented as a Filespace name mount-point and linked to convenient locations within each operating systems file browsers. 

For a particular user or application workflow you can relocate your Filespace folder mount-point within the user space. Please reference this FAQ on how to change your Filespace location. 


Windows: a Quick Access link is available within Explorer.



macOS: a Favourites link is available within Finder.




Linux: a Lucid mount-point is available on the Desktop.


Filespace cache and metdata (root-path) locations are located in the user profile or home folders as hidden ".lucid" sub directories. These can also be relocated to for instance increase your cache and house your cache on a specific disk. Please reference this FAQ for details.