Encrypted LucidLink client file system data is communicated securely via TCP/IP port 443 directly with the Object Store (Bucket) - using the Object Storage credentials provided. 

All Object Storage transfers are performed through HTTPS with AES-256 end-to-end, client side authenticated encryption through the LucidLink Windows, macOS or Linux client and file system shared secret (password).

LucidLink client communicates with AES-256 encryption via TCP/IP port 443 with our Discovery Service for the purpose of Namespace verification and Metadata co-ordination.


FUSE must be installed as a dependency on macOS and Linux. Users with strongly secured environments receive a warning to allow 3rd-party driver installation - - macOS users please see "File space fails to mount macOS"

CBFSConnect is a required driver within a Windows environment and is included within our installation -

LucidLink client REST APIs communicates to the local daemon/service via the default instance TCP/IP port 7778. Should this port be in use the OS client will fail to start, please consult OS client fails to start