LucidLink is a service which works in conjunction with the LucidLink Linux, Windows and macOS operating system client. 

The service coordinates and distributes metadata from your files stored in cloud object storage such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob, Google Cloud Storage, Alibaba OSS, IBM Cloud Object Storage, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, Telefonica etc. or on-premises solutions such as Zadara Storage, Cloudian, Scality, MinIO, Nutanix Objects, Ceph, etc. virtually any S3 Compatbile Object Storage.

Our client synchronizes this metadata with each client and injects a persistent mount-point within the local file system. Each client caches what is required, anticipates data on demand, and securely provides access to cloud-based storage as if it is local, opening parallel connections across each individual client, maximizing throughput of virtually any object store and allowing each user to interact independently with data. 

Whatever file data contained within the Filespace, is written to the object store, shows up “virtually” as a locally accessible file. When the application opens the file, the data from that file is streamed directly from the object storage (bucket) to the device, protected by end-to-end client-side encryption.

Our architectural overview