Multiple Filespaces can be mounted at the same time through the command line by specifying --instance id. 

You require an --instance id per Filespace. LucidApp uses instance id 1 by default and activating Snapshots leverages instance id 1000 as default.

Please review the Link Filespace from the command line for an overview of linking Filespaces through the operating system client and the OS CLI.

    lucid --instance <id> daemon --fs <filespace.domain> --user <user> --password <password> --mount-point <mount-point>

Note: <mount-point> can be folder path or drive letter depending on operating system type.

Example (Windows):

    lucid --instance 2 daemon --fs filespace.domain --user root --password 12345 --mount-point C:\Lucid


    lucid --instance 2 daemon --fs filespace.domain --user root --password 12345 --mount-point L:

Example (Linux and macOS):

    lucid --instance 2 daemon --fs filespace.domain --user <user> --password 12345 --mount-point ~/Lucid