Google Cloud Platform provides S3 Compatible Storage access-key and secret-keys via their XML APIs and Interoperability mode. To obtain your authentication keys please login to your account, navigate to Storage, select Settings and Interoperability tab, then Create a new key

Once you have your Access-key Secret-key you can create your LucidLink File space. Please select "Other Cloud" when creating your File space, and follow the Initialize Other Cloud File space FAQ. you will use the endpoint of 

LucidLink will automatically create a Bucket within the Google Cloud Platform default of Multi-Regional US if you perform a standard initialization through the create File space "Other Cloud" process however we can allow you to specify a region closest to you or of your choice. A complete list of Google Cloud Platform Regions and Zones is available here. 

If you would like to host your storage in a particular region. Please create the bucket in the correct region by selecting Browser, Create Bucket, specify a unique Name, choose Region and Location along with Create to submit.

After your bucket is created, you will initialize your File space following the Initialize Other Cloud File space FAQ with special attention to supplying the correct region and appropriate bucket name through our portal initialization or manually via the command line.

If you wish to specify additional options you can initialize manually with our command line, please review "lucid help init-s3" for further details such as data layout block size. review our Command line file space initialization FAQ for guidance. 

Example initialization string:

lucid init-s3 --fs <filespace.domain> --password <sharedsecret> --https --endpoint --region <region> --access-key <accesskey> --secret-key <secretkey> --bucket-name <bucket> --provider Google

Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.