The benefits of our log structured design and block level data layout in the object store presents a unique opportunity for granular snapshot capabilities. 

Snapshots can be enabled per Filespace with multiple snapshots configurable to each Filespace. Snapshots are created from our CLI - for example: every hour, day, week, month and yearly snapshots can be created, deleted and replaced to satisfy your organisation's recovery point objectives.

All snapshots can be activated via our LucidLink OS Client dashboard (or via our CLI), by selecting the snapshot tab, entering your shared secret and selecting activate snapshots. Snapshots are read-only, you can simply copy any required data out of a certain snapshot to your active Filespace.

Once you've activated your snapshots, you will note an additional mount-point which contains all your available snapshots.




Deactivate snapshot mount-point:

Snapshot usage:

Your snapshots are created or deleted via our LucidLink OS Client via the command line or terminal. 

Each snapshot is represented by name description along with a unique identifier in order to delete your snapshot and replace it in future with an updated point in time. 

usage: Lucid snapshot [options]

Manage snapshots. To activate a snapshot, see the options of 'lucid activate'.


    [--list]                 Display the list of existing snapshots
    --create [name]          Create a snapshot with the specified name
    --delete id              Delete the snapshot with the specified id

Create snapshot:

lucid snapshot --create 1 Year
Snapshot with ID 1 created.

lucid snapshot --create 1 month
Snapshot with ID 2 created.

lucid snapshot --create 1 Week
Snapshot with ID 3 created.

lucid snapshot --create 1 Day
Snapshot with ID 4 created.

lucid snapshot --create 1 Hour
Snapshot with ID 5 created.

List snapshots:

lucid snapshot --list

ID      STATE       NAME                    CREATED ON
1       valid       Year                    2019-02-05 20:11:29
2       valid       Month                   2019-02-05 20:11:33
3       valid       Week                    2019-02-05 20:11:37
4       valid       Day                     2019-02-05 20:11:41
5       valid       Hour                    2019-02-05 20:11:44

Delete snapshot:

lucid snapshot --delete <id>

Activate snapshot:

usage: Lucid activate [options]

Activate the currently linked file space


    --user login name        User name
    --password password      The password for this file space
    --all-snapshots          Activate in snapshots mode.

Deactivate Filespace or snapshot:

usage: Lucid deactivate

Deactivate the active file space

Note: to activate your snapshots via CLI please leverage concepts from our Link to multiple Filespaces on the same OS client FAQ which will enable you to link to the same Filespace and activate all snapshots as follows:

Launch an instance daemon:

lucid --instance 1000 daemon

Link to your Filespace:

lucid --instance 1000 link --fs <filespace.domain> --password <sharedsecret>

Activate your snapshots:

lucid --instance 1000 activate --all-snapshots
Enter the password:
File space activated.

Mount your snapshots:


lucid --instance 1000 mount S:
File space mounted on S:


lucid --instance 1000 mount ~/snapshots

Please reach out to LucidLink Support should you require any further assistance.