Usage: Lucid perf [options]

Periodically output performance metrics.


    --explain                List and explain all available perf metrics.
    --seconds seconds        Time interval in seconds at which to print the perf metrics. (default: 2)
    --extended               Show extended list of metrics for each category.
    --all                    Show full list of all metrics for each selected category.
    --filesystem [metrics]   read,write,rrq,wrq,orq,owq,avgReadTime,avgWriteTime,tbr,tbwr,notifActive,notifPending,notifProcessed,notifMetaPend,notifPathPend,notifPathDelPend,notifAttrPend,notifMeta,notifPath,notifPathDel,notifAttr
    --cache [metrics]        hitr,missr,write,backWrite,hit,miss,dirty,usedPages,cached,ofrq,obrq,maxbrq,backendrq,backendrqf
    --logstore [metrics]     frrq,fwrq,brrq,bwrq,poi,poa,pocw,desc
    --objectstore [metrics]  ogrq,oprq,odrq,olrq,activeGets,activePuts,activeDels,activeLists,get,put,del,list,fgrq,fprq,delsFail,listFail,avgGetTime,avgPutTime,avgDelTime,avgLstTime
    --prefetcher [metrics]   hits,oio,pref
    --keystore [metrics]     commit,abort,put,del,getiter,find


lucid perf --option --categorys [metric1],[metric2],[metric...]
lucid perf --explain

--- filesystem ---
read: Read Rate
write: Write Rate
rrq: Read requests/s
wrq: Write requests/s
orq: Outstanding read requests
owq: Outstanding write requests
avgReadTime: Average read time
avgWriteTime: Average write time
tbr: Total bytes read
tbwr: Total bytes written
notifActive: Active notifications
notifPending: Pending notifications
notifProcessed: Processed notifications/s
notifMetaPend: Metadata notifications pending
notifPathPend: Path notifications pending
notifPathDelPend: Path delete notifications pending
notifAttrPend: Attribute notifications pending
notifMeta: Metadata notifications/s
notifPath: Path notifications/s
notifPathDel: Path delete notifications/s
notifAttr: Attribute notifications/s

--- cache ---
hitr: Read hit MB/s
missr: Read missed MB/s
write: Write MB/s
backWrite: Backend write MB/s
hit: Read hits/s
miss: Read misses/s
dirty: Dirty data
usedPages: Used pages
cached: Cached data
ofrq: Outstanding frontend requests
obrq: Outstanding backend requests
maxbrq: Maximum backend requests
backendrq: Backend requests/s
backendrqf: Failed backend requests/s

--- logstore ---
frrq: Frontend read requests
fwrq: Frontend write requests
brrq: Backend read requests
bwrq: Backend write requests
poi: Parallel operations (allocated)
poa: Parallel operations (active)
pocw: Parallel operations (complete/wait)
desc: In-memory descriptors allocated

--- objectstore ---
ogrq: Outstanding get requests
oprq: Outstanding put requests
odrq: Outstanding delete requests
olrq: Outstanding list requests
activeGets: Active get requests
activePuts: Active put requests
activeDels: Active delete requests
activeLists: Active list requests
get: Successful get requests/s
put: Successful put requests/s
del: Successful delete requests/s
list: Successful list requests/s
fgrq: Failed get requests/s
fprq: Failed put requests/s
delsFail: Failed delete requests/s
listFail: Failed list requests/s
avgGetTime: Average get request time
avgPutTime: Average put request time
avgDelTime: Average delete request time
avgLstTime: Average list request time

--- prefetcher ---
hits: Hits per second
oio: Outstanding IOs
pref: Number of prefetchers

--- keystore ---
commit: Commits per second
abort: Aborted transactions per second
put: Puts per second
del: Deletes per second
getiter: GetIterator calls per second
find: Get/Exists calls per second

All metrics:

lucid perf --all

Remaining uploads:

lucid perf --cache dirty

Cache data:

lucid perf --cache cached

Filesystem read,write with cached data in 1 second intervals:

lucid perf --seconds 1 --filesystem read,write --cache dirty,cached