Groups offer Filespace administrators a convenient way to provision resources by combining users and defining share paths in a uniform manner.

Administrators can apply or revoke access as required, assigning group shares throughout the folder hierarchy in read-only or read/write across a subset of users. 

Multiple users and shares can be defined within each group. 

Groups are administered from within our LucidLink client dashboard through the control panel tab.

Locate the LucidLinklogo within the Taskbar to access the control panel.

Groups are configured shares and users with read, read & write permissions. 

Add a Group

1. Provide a group name

2. Add shares and define access rights and assign users

a. Add a shares

b. Select shares and user access permissions (read-only or read/write)

c. If necessary add multiple shares and assign appropriate access rights

d. Assign users 

e. Once complete your Group is finalized. Remove users with themenu

3. Delete Group

Filespace Groups management via command-line interface (CLI)

lucid help group
lucid group [--list]
lucid group --create groupname [--password password]
lucid group --delete groupname [--password password]
lucid group --set groupname --new-name newGroupname [--password password]
lucid group --set groupname (--add-user username | --remove-user username) [--password password]
lucid group --get groupname [--password password]

Group management - requires root permissions


    --password password      Your current password
    --list                   Display the list of existing groups
    --create groupname       Create a new group with allowed chars: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, '-_.@'. Max length 128 chars. Groups are case insensitive and case preserving.
    --delete groupname       Delete a group
    --set groupname          Specify a group to be used in combination with --*-user and --new-name options
    --get groupname          Display group's info
    --add-user username      Add user to a group specified with the --set option
    --remove-user username   Remove user from a group specified with the --set option
    --new-name groupname     Change the name of a group specified with the --set option

Create group

lucid group --create Company

Assign share to group

lucid share --group Company --set /Company --permissions read,write

Add user to group

lucid group --set Company --add-user User1

List group users

lucid group --get Company